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Waste tires crushing and separating line


Automatic Waste Tire Recycling Line


Waste Tire Crushing Recycling Machine


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Main Machine of Waste Tires Crushing and Separating Line


1.Double Shaft Tire Shredder Machine


The double shaft tire shredding machine preprocesses the entire tire into approximately 50-80 mm rubber crumb.




2.Steel Wires Separate Machine


♦ The tire chips were further processed into less than 20mm by serrated knife of steel wires separate machine.
96% of the steel wires had been separated from the tire during this step of treatment.






3.Magnetic Separator


The electromagnetic coils will be made from high temperature resistant insulates aluminum and copper conductor for continuous operation.
The magnetic metal removal rate reaches 99.7%


4.High-speed Crusher


♦The crusher further processes the tire rubber particles into 2-7mm particles.the nylon and the fiber are removed 99.6% by a dust remover.



5.Vibrating Screening Machine


♦ The broken material is divided into upper sieve and under sieve by the standard 3 mm hole diameter to ensure the purity of the subsequent sorting process.


6.Dust Collection of Tire Recycling Machine Line


♦ Dust collection system can collection dust and fibers by the air pipe when the crushing machine working.


7.Automatic Weighing Balers


♦ After the final product granules are loaded into kraft paper bags at 25Kg--50Kg, they are automatically sealed and sutured. The weight error per bag is exactly 0.2%. Bagging. Speed is 80-180 bags/hour.





Flow Chart Of Waste Tires Crushing and Separating Line



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