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Domestic Waste Sorting Line

The municipal solid waste enters the conveyor through the conveying system, passes through the large-scale waste pretreatment system, and then enters the crushing system, trommel screen, etc., to shred the waste into different sizes of waste. This process can quickly separate the kitchen food waste, and then Use magnetic separation systems, eddy current separation systems, air separation systems and optical sorting systems to collect and sort plastic, paper, metal and other recyclable materials of different colors and materials for sale.


The under-sieved organic matter can be used for composting/incineration, and the inert material can be used to make cement bricks or building cement aggregates. The remaining combustible materials in the garbage include mixed plastics, mixed paper, composite fabrics, rubber, etc. This unclassified material can be used to make RDF and SRF, which can be used for pyrolysis gasification power generation, or incineration power generation.


1. Preprocessing

● Municipal garbage collection

● Preliminary sorting - separates non-shredding materials from hazards

2. Biological treatment - reducing water content

● To achieve the moisture content expected by the customer.

● Improve the efficiency of mechanical processing.

● Used as additional fuel for separation of organics.

3. Post-processing

● Metal separation

● Inert material separation

● Smashing makes the material meet customer requirements.

RDF is garbage-derived fuel and is also considered flammable in garbage.

Main application: 

● Cement plant

● Garbage power station

● Dust power station

● Gasification plant

● Lime plant

● Steel Plant


Solid recycled fuel can solve the problem of environmental pollution and save energy costs, and has the following advantages:

● Effectively solve environmental problems such as greenhouse gas emissions from landfills and leachate emissions to the ground,

Groundwater pollution.

● Original production, cost saving

● Compared with coal, carbon dioxide emissions can be reduced by 4 times.

● High heat energy (1.3 tons of solid recycled fuel can replace 1 ton of coal)

● The process is simple, and it is convenient to enter the furnace.


1. Garbage shredder (double shaft shredder), often used in municipal solid waste disposal

Environmental protection fields such as storage, resource regeneration, and waste incineration pretreatment. Two in the working cavity

The shaft with the cutter completes the crushing of the material by tearing and shearing. with cut

It has the characteristics of large force, good shredding effect, low noise and good stability.

2. Eddy current sorting is an effective non-ferrous metal recovery method. it has

The sorting effect is excellent, the adaptability is strong, the mechanical structure is reliable, the structure is reliable, and the structure

Light weight, strong repulsion force (adjustable), high sorting efficiency and large processing capacity, etc.

point, can make - some non-ferrous metals are separated from e-waste, in e-waste

In the waste recycling and processing line, it is mainly used to separate copper and aluminum from the mixed material

and other non-ferrous metals, but also in the field of environmental protection, especially in the regeneration of non-ferrous metals

Industry promotion and application.

3. The construction waste crusher uses the impact energy to resist the compressive strength not exceeding

350Mpa brittle material crushing equipment, with large crushing ratio, product

Uniform particle size, less over-grinding, low energy consumption, and product particle size adjustment range

It has the advantages of large size and selective crushing, and can be used for medium-hardness materials to be crushed and crushed.

Minor work.

4. The air separator uses the principle of aerodynamics to control the positive pressure airflow and negative pressure

Under the combined action of air flow, the light and small substances in the material are separated from the heavy substances

out, take it upwards or bring it into the settling chamber in a horizontal direction, to separate light substances with air.

gas is separated.

5. Dedicated to domestic waste, textiles, waste cardboard boxes, PET bottles, plastics

Compression and packing of loose materials such as film, straw, etc. Suitable for waste sorting

Station, carton factory, packaging factory, printing factory, professional recycling station and other places.

6. The tumbler screen rotates through the screen to make the scattered materials pass through the sieve holes of the cylinder

Plate to separate the material smaller than the sieve hole from the material larger than the sieve hole, which is convenient for subsequent processing.

sequential processing. It can be designed into a circular screen cylinder and an inner octagonal screen cylinder, and the interior can be increased

It has the function of breaking bag effect and has the function of self-cleaning.

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